Why Are Two Moms Taking On The News Industry On Behalf Of Families?

Greta Thurnberg via Anders Hellberg of Effekt magazine

So, we asked a question: How can we connect youth with news that resonates with them?

This simple question has driven us to ask more questions, test ideas, and build Xyza News, a news source for today’s youth. To ensure that we’re continuing to do what we set out to in the first place, every year we conduct a survey to better understand our young readers and those who support them.

- Finding ways to connect youth to the news is difficult for both parents and educators alike.

- Traditional media often laud youth movements but ignore youth and their desire for news that resonates with them.

- Young readers want to connect with the world in thoughtful and meaningful ways that respect their intellect.

Over 90% of the parents surveyed think that learning from the news is important, but more than half have not found a great way to share the news with their children.

Only 16% of parents think that their child’s school spends time talking about the news on a regular basis.

2019 Xyza parent survey on news + youth

Parents Want Kid-Friendly News With Context

Xyza Junior Reporters



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